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Attention Alabama Car Dealers, You Still Have Time To Apply For Your Bond! Apply Online Now!

by Surety Admin 18. September 2012 04:48

The Alabama Auto Dealer Bond expires on September 30, 2012, which is just a couple of days away. A surety bond is required before one can receive a car dealer's license. This bond protects customers, sellers, and governmental agencies, and will help in recovering any losses that may occur due to unethical business practices or fraud. The Surety Group's Alabama Auto Dealer Bond Program is for automotive businesses that sell new and used cars both retail and wholesale as well as those that recondition, recycle, rebuild and dismantle vehicles. The required bond amount is $25,000 for new car dealers and $10,000 for used car dealers.

With our easy, one page application and fast approval, you can have you Alabama Car Dealer Bond tomorrow. If you are unsure about the requirements or how to apply for an Alabama Motor Vehicle Bond, please call us at 800-486-8211.


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Live Chat Available Now

by Surety Admin 25. May 2012 04:13

We just added a Live Chat function to our website. You can get fast answers to questions without picking up the phone. Businesses can use the Live Chat feature to ask questions about any type of bond. Our operators are licensed surety agents with years of experience underwriting surety bonds.

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Apply for Your Surety Bond by Phone

by Surety Admin 13. March 2012 03:00

The Surety Group has agents who can take your bond application by phone now at 800-486-8211. In most cases, your application will be approved the same day and in many cases, instantly. We have rates for several of our auto dealer bond programs and all of our mortgage broker bonds online. This is a big time saver--no waiting for a quote and someone to fill out your application for you. You can truly be done in minutes.

Many surety agencies require two applications, one filled out for the agency followed by one for the underwriter. And surety agencies that promise instant quotes or quotes in minutes are usually giving you a ballpark figure to encourage you to fill out an application. To get an actual quote, you can wait hours or even days. After we take your information, we fax you your application for signature. That's it. If we can't approve your application instantly, we will have an answer in a day.

Call 800-486-8211, and speak directly to a surety agent. Let's get started!

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Simplified Surety Bond Underwriting from The Surety Group

by Surety Admin 11. December 2011 23:37

The Surety Group has simplified all of its surety bond programs, including court bonds, commercial bonds and contract bonds. Everything is easier: the application, the underwriting, and the approval. Discounted rates are available instantly online for many of our bond programs. Businesses like DMEs, Mortgage Brokers and Select Auto Dealers no longer have to wait for a quote. Many commercial surety bonds can be approved in minutes.

Unlike most surety agencies, The Surety Group has in-house underwriting authority. This means that a business owner only has one application to complete. Someone applying for a surety bond through another agency typically fills out one application to get either a quote or to start the approval process. Then the surety working with the bond agent requires a second application. In-house underwriting authority also allows The Surety Group to waive select underwriting requirements and work with businesses with impaired credit. These businesses often search for bonds using the phrase "bad credit bonds". We prefer to call them nontraditional bonds.

We are now taking applications by phone at 800-486-8211. Applicants will speak directly to a bond agent. 

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