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Lost Stock Instrument Bonds at Deep Discounts

by Surety Admin 18. April 2012 07:04

When you lose a financial document, like a stock certificate, your investment counselor will typically refer you to a transfer agent associated with the company handling your investments. His or her job is to issue a surety bond to ensure that the financial institution is covered in the event that someone finds the lost document and tries to redeem the instrument. The rates transfer agents charge are typically higher than those offered by The Surety Group. The challenge is that most consumers do not know that they have the option of going to a surety agency to get lost instrument bonds. We can usually process a surety bond application in a day. In addition, because of our experience in the surety industry, we can frequently waive underwriting requirements so that it is easier to get a Lost Security Bond approved. The Surety Group can underwrite any type of Lost Instrument Bond, including Lost Cashier's Check Bonds, Lost Securities Bonds, Lost Corporate Security Bonds, Lost Municipal Bonds or Lost Title Bonds. To make getting a surety bond even easier, The Surety Group is now taking applications by phone at 800-486-8211. Call and you will speak directly to an underwriter. You can also apply online now.

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Apply for Your Surety Bond by Phone

by Surety Admin 13. March 2012 03:00

The Surety Group has agents who can take your bond application by phone now at 800-486-8211. In most cases, your application will be approved the same day and in many cases, instantly. We have rates for several of our auto dealer bond programs and all of our mortgage broker bonds online. This is a big time saver--no waiting for a quote and someone to fill out your application for you. You can truly be done in minutes.

Many surety agencies require two applications, one filled out for the agency followed by one for the underwriter. And surety agencies that promise instant quotes or quotes in minutes are usually giving you a ballpark figure to encourage you to fill out an application. To get an actual quote, you can wait hours or even days. After we take your information, we fax you your application for signature. That's it. If we can't approve your application instantly, we will have an answer in a day.

Call 800-486-8211, and speak directly to a surety agent. Let's get started!

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